Academic Programs

Elbert Field focuses on a student centric approach to create online programs which fulfill the needs and preferences of aspiring students. At Elbert Field University, you are always connected with your respective online program. With the use of technology and highly advanced online learning system, Elbert Field has made high quality education accessible by all. The university connects students and working professionals from across the world to help them gain academic qualification and essential skills. Students at Elbert Field are free to choose from degree, diploma and certificate programs.

Our online programs are fully accredited by international accrediting councils and are globally recognized by leading educational institutes and employers. Our online programs meet the international education quality standards. Each program is designed to help you strike excellence and unleash the potential to succeed.

Outstanding Student Support

We are proud of our raft of student support services, which help students throughout their academic journey at the University, to help them grow and thrive in the world of work as professionals.

Making Education Accessible

Our state of the art education management system enables students to take advantage of online learning format and schedule their education according to their busy schedule, ensuring that talented students have the right opportunity.

Enhancing Your Employability

We understand that our responsibility doesn’t ends with your graduation, thus we offer excellent employment services such as work placements, volunteering opportunities and support for entrepreneurship.

Industry Connections

While studying here at our University, you will gain access to valuable experience and insight towards your future career success.


Connect with an industry professional for one-on-one advice and develop your skills.

Job Placement

Our career advisors and counselors will get your connected with the best job opportunities.

Career Guidance

We are here to help you during your studies and after graduation, serving you with the best advice.

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