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Continuing your education can be a powerful tool in development of your career and accomplishment of your goals. We are committed to help you achieve these goals through our internationally recognized degree programs. From university admission assistance to financial aid, our academic advisors are here to help you get started on the path to earning a degree. Here you can discover all the information related to admission at Elbert Field.

World Class Online Education

Elbert Field delivers higher education in diverse academic programs which are fully accredited and internationally recognized.

Online Education Management System

State of the art online education management system is a unique platform which connects students with limitless educational resources.

Outstanding Faculty

Highly qualified professionals and PhD degree holder are part of Elbert Field University’s fastest growing faculty community worldwide.

Global Outreach

Elbert Field has a presence in over 150 countries in 6 continents, making higher education accessible and affordable for all.

Explore Reasons To Study Here

We are committed to develop the next generation of leaders, scholars and researchers through quality academics and cross-disciplinary approach.

Elbert Field Honored
Accreditation Status

All the degree, certificate and diploma programs provided by Elbert Field University are accredited by USAB. We have been honored by USAB’s accreditation because we have managed to come up to their requirements of setting high standards in online education. It’s an achievement for us to be recognized by USAB as this accreditation body is a mark of quality and supremacy and signifies legality. This affiliation with USAB makes us eligible to award degrees to students globally.

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Industry Connections

While studying here at our University, you will gain access to valuable experience and insight towards your future career success.


Connect with an industry professional for one-on-one advice and develop your skills.

Job Placement

Our career advisors and counselors will get your connected with the best job opportunities.

Career Guidance

We are here to help you during your studies and after graduation, serving you with the best advice.

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