Why Choose Us

Elbert Field is committed to deliver a career-focused education which connects students with better employability chances. Our academic programs are designed to ensure that students gain success in an increasingly dynamic job market. Students at Elbert Field gain the knowledge and skills to apply in real world scenarios. The University imbues its emphasis on high quality online education, making it more affordable and accessible for students all over the world.

  • As our Alumni, you will not be left on your own after graduation. You’ll continue to receive similar academic support from our career counselors.

  • We offer the best online learning experience with flexible study option, allowing you to fulfill your personal and professional commitments.

  • 92% of the employers rate the performance of Elbert Field University graduates as exceptional when compared to other university graduates.

  • Our strong industry links allow our graduates to receive the best employment opportunities with leading regional and international employers.

At Elbert Field University, our state of the art world class online education management system is one of a kind technological higher education solution for students and working adults all over the world. Our education management system enables students to study at their own pace and at their convenience. At Elbert Field University, we embrace technological advancements which are beneficial for students and will enhance their learning process.

Reasons To Choose Us


Increased Flexibility

As a working professional, it is difficult to manage studies and demanding work schedules. With online options, students don’t have to change their work hours, they can focus on their classes when its convenient for them.

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Highly Convenient

While traditional students need to go to a campus to attend classes, online students can consider this as a benefits of studying from anywhere in the world.

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Networking Opportunities

You can interact with leading industry professionals, providing enriching one-on-one experience. Students are encouraged to post interact and communicate with the faculty, peers and staff.

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Career Counseling

When students get enrolled into any desired program, one of the most important factor is decision making is to get advancement in the career, the career counseling program is there for you, then.

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Outstanding Faculty

We are home to some of the top educators in the country. Our professors are recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in teaching and educational research.

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Accredited Degree Programs

Online degree and non-degree programs offfered by the University are fully accredited and recognized by international organizations.

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A Few More Reasons To Choose Elbert Field University

Female to Male Ratio

Fewer than 20
Students per Class

of academic advisors
are faculty members

More than 90%
students recommend our
University to friends/family