Alumni Network

Our alumni community share one important and common thing: Elbert Field. Our alumni are part of a vast network of professionals, experts, and talented leaders in their respective fields. Our alumni has built a powerful global network to support the continuous development of academic excellence and professionalism. Our alumni and students are advocates for the University, mentors for freshmen, employers of our graduates and source of support for our students. We have a substantial opportunity to create a more vibrant and engaged community of alumni and friends which is motivated to contribute to and participate in Elbert Field University’s continuing success.

We also encourage our alumni to share their learning experience, career growth and accomplishments. Our alumni members thrive to maintain the relationship with new students to help them at all levels. Lifelong friendships, the collaborative community, and global connections are some of the key benefits of becoming an Elbert Field University alumni member.

Results of Alumni Satisfaction Survey 2017

  • 80% employers said that EFU graduates meet or exceed expectations

  • 88% of the employers are willing to hire another EFU graduate

  • 74% employers rated EFU graduates’ job performance as good as or better than other graduates

  • 97% employers said that EFU graduates were well prepared for their careers

Our Alumni, Their Stories


Todd E. Marcum,
School of Natural Science

“According to my online learning experience, Elbert Field University is perfect for those working full time. You can easily schedule your classes, study time and learn at your own pace. My degree helped me achieving high performance in getting my present job. The master’s degree program is outstanding; it not only helped me learn valuable skills of my field, but also strengthened me with the ability to move up the career ladder.”


Thomas D. Bertrand,
School of Business & Management

“My online learning experience at Elbert Field has truly been an incredible one. When I enrolled for my bachelor’s degree program, I felt as though I was a part of something big. I was always connected with my counselor and faculty members, although we were thousands of miles away but it never felt like that. They were encouraging and supportive throughout my education journey. Here I met people from different walks of life which simply added richness to my learning experience.”


Robert D. Benge,
School of Engineering

“My journey at Elbert Field has been very satisfying. The value which I received from my online academic program not only consists of knowledge that I received, but also the guidance of faculty and staff. The supportive online learning environment with personalized individual attention helped in gaining confidence over my skills. I earned my bachelor’s degree in engineering which helped me move to the next career level and become more competitive in the job market.”

Alumni Benefits


Find alumni near you and keep up to date on what is going on throughout the network with our news and social media channels.


You can give back to the university community by acting as mentors for freshmen students and other roles that fit into your schedule.


Keep up-to-date with essential events and further learning opportunities that are especially designed for alumni community.


Get all the support and guidance you need throughout your career, and explore resources that will help you stay ahead.