Corporate Recruitment

Recruiting the right talent for the right position is fundamental to the success of every organization. The people you hire today can highly impact your business tomorrow. At Elbert Field, we train and educate our students to gain knowledge and skills that most of the employers seek. Our corporate recruitment services can help employers identify candidates who are the “right fit” and help students find the “best fit” organization to work.

For employers: our experienced career counselors will listen to your specific knowledge and skills needs and target your search to qualified candidates within our network of students and alumni.

Partnering with our University offers your organization the following benefits:

  • Dedicated, one-on-one support to meet your specific hiring needs

  • Prescreening & evaluation of candidates to identify the best match

  • Preselecting the most qualified interview candidates, if requested

  • Free, 24/7 online job posting

  • Virtual job fairs and information sessions to help students learn about your company and your hiring needs

  • Opportunities to collaborate with academic departments and Student Life

Top Employers Prefer to Hire our Graduates

More than 90 percent of our graduates are hired by top employers within six months of graduation.


We carry a reputation of excellence in every field.

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six months of graduation

Ration of our online student population to the
amount of professors employed by our University

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