Distinguished Professorship Award

It is one of the most prestigious award given by the Elbert Field University to recognized faculty members who have completed five years of employment with the University. The award is intended to honor their dedicated and commitment towards the University and students. Faculty selected for this recognition is done in consultation with the dean of the school. This award not only recognizes the years a faculty has offered their services but also the dedication and successful graduates produced by them.

Selection Criteria

Nominees must have completed their PhD. With at least two international publication works. Additionally, they have completed five years of employment at Elbert Field University with high student satisfaction rate.

Number of Awards

Each year the university recognizes professors who have completed a certain time here and have achieved a required rate of satisfaction from the students.

Sources of Nominations

Nominations will be submitted by the deans, directors and award committee. Additionally, faculty member may initiate a nomination, including a self-nomination, but that nomination must be endorsed and submitted by the head of the department.

Celebrating the Awards, Honors and Publications

Our tradition of academic excellence has always a highly qualified faculty from across the world and have never shied away from inspiring us with exceptional and extraordinary achievements. We take pride in recognition and publication of the work of our faculty members. Our faculty members help us develop rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that helps students beyond the classroom setting.

Our People

Our Leaders

Our faculty members are ledaers and top professionals who have industry and teaching experience. They oversee strategic direction to develop career-focused courses.

Eminent Alumni

Our alumni have made an impressive contribution to the society and international buisness world. We are proud to share their achievements.

Award Winners

Our faculty members have obtained numerous prizes and awards to significant contributions to online learning and international teaching.

Top Faculty Members Teaching at EFU

  • Dennis V. Walsh

    Associate Professor
    MS Management Sciences

  • Rick C. Starcher

    Academic Instructor
    M Ed. Curriculum Specialist

  • Harold J. Miller

    MSc. Social Sciencest

  • Deidre M. Johnson

    Academic Advisor
    PhD. Education

  • Rosalie M. Lucky

    Affiliated Scholar
    M.E. Electrical Engineering

  • Juana H. George

    Assistant professor
    M.Phil. Business Management

  • James B. Baker

    Professor of English

    M.A. English Literature

  • Juan C. Scott

    Postdoctoral Fellow,
    Associate Professor

    M.Phil. Health Sciences

  • Ryan J. Wilson

    Research Lecturer
    PhD. Statistics Management

  • Crystal M. Owen

    Associate Dean
    PhD. Political Science

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