Influential Experts & Leaders

Elbert Field attracts the faculty members with the highest caliber, proficiency and experience. The faculty members at Elbert Field University create a learning environment and comprehensive course curriculum to deliver world class online education. Our faculty members dedicatedly work for the improvement and success of students by engaging themselves in the cut and thrust of respective fields to gain more knowledge that can be delivered to the students.

Elbert Field’s faculty members consists of thinkers, scholars, professors and researchers from diverse areas of study. They bring international outlook, extensive experience, in-depth research and skills that students require in the 21st century. Our faculty members are open to interact and communicate with you throughout your academic journey. Our faculty is always interested to discover, expand and create new ideas for deliverance of online education. Thus, our faculty members play a vital role in continuously improving online education delivery, assessment and evaluation.

Students at EFU are taught by experienced & international faculty members, who share their learning experiences, practices and knowledge to enhance development of students as skilled professionals. Our 13:1 student faculty ratio enables you to interact and communicate with your instructor on one to one basis, with a constant support throughout your academic journey.

Top Faculty Profiles

Cheryl A. Dukes has been working at Elbert Field for the past 6 years. She joined our faculty as a part time teaching assistant, working for the development of courses. She is driven by knowledge and valuable skills of the engineering field. Cheryl has the power to lead students and empower them with the ability to outperform in their fields. She has years of experience of teaching students and helping them achieve their academic goals through comprehensive curriculum. She has conducted several events, seminars and workshops on various engineering topics all over the world. Her articles are also published in various international engineering journals. Cheryl A. Dukes
Senior Assistant Professor
School of Engineering

Jorge E. Attaway joined us as Management Science Professor, having expertise in the areas of international business, strategic management, brand and advertising. Jorge teaching style ensures that students develop competence and capability to add value to their performance. He teaches students how to create business value, build distinguish capabilities, devise product strategy, leverage resources and execute business goals successfully. He has been recognized and listed among the top 1000 thinkers in global business and management field. In addition to this, Jorge is engaged in other activities such as seminars, debate sessions, discussion forums, research and attending worldwide business conferences. Jorge E. Attaway
Senior Assistant Professor
School of Business and Management

Our People

Our Leaders

Our faculty members are ledaers and top professionals who have industry and teaching experience. They oversee strategic direction to develop career-focused courses.

Eminent Alumni

Our alumni have made an impressive contribution to the society and international buisness world. We are proud to share their achievements.

Award Winners

Our faculty members have obtained numerous prizes and awards to significant contributions to online learning and international teaching.

Top Faculty Members Teaching at EFU

  • Dennis V. Walsh

    Associate Professor
    MS Management Sciences

  • Rick C. Starcher

    Academic Instructor
    M Ed. Curriculum Specialist

  • Harold J. Miller

    MSc. Social Sciencest

  • Deidre M. Johnson

    Academic Advisor
    PhD. Education

  • Rosalie M. Lucky

    Affiliated Scholar
    ME Electrical Engineering

  • Juana H. George

    Assistant professor
    M.Phil. Business Management

  • James B. Baker

    Professor of English

    MA English Literature

  • Juan C. Scott

    Postdoctoral Fellow,
    Associate Professor

    M.Phil. Health Sciences

  • Ryan J. Wilson

    Research Lecturer
    PhD. Statistics Management

  • Crystal M. Owen

    Associate Dean
    PhD. Political Science

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