School of Computer Science

Computer science includes the study of computer devices with the study of each and every software and hardware component of a device. Modern computer science studies also include computer networking, system architecture, programming, system’s management and computer electronics. All these disciplines together form the field of computer science. Computer scientists can get take their education further by specialization in any of these domains. Experts of any of these domains play a vital role in the development of a revolutionary computer system.

The field of computer science has become very important in this modern day world where our daily life depends highly on computers and modern technological devices. Computer science studies enable computer experts to understand basic functioning of computers and their architecture, on the basis of this knowledge experts create new and innovative solutions that helps in the advancement of the field of computer science. Computer scientists and experts are one of the highest paid professionals in the current international job market.

What We Offer

We deliver a unique online experience to make sure you achieve academic qualification and gain industry responsive skills. You can study at your convenience and according to your pace. Industry leaders and experts from across the world design the course curriculum to help students develop competence and achieve excellence. Degree, diploma and certificate programs offered at Elbert Field provide students with a unique opportunity to succeed in their respective fields.

Majors Available

  • Telecommunications

  • Software Engineering

  • Web Development

  • Computer Science

  • Multimedia & Animation

  • Information Technology

  • Network Management

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