School of Psychology

The field of psychology is very important of sustainment of human psychological and mental health. The study of psychology helps humans understand the working of our brain and how we humans act and behave in reaction to different circumstances and to different stimuli that activate our different sensors. Psychologist study every action that stimulates our mentality to perform a certain reaction. Psychology is the study of different processes inside our neuron system that causes different mental conditions.

Psychologists are highly in demand in current world’s health management scenario. The need of highly competent psychologists has increased more than ever in these stressful times. The field of psychology has gotten so vast because of modern researches on human psychology and its relations with different chemical and hormonal changes in our nervous system. There are many different domains and disciplines of human psychology including clinical psychology, criminal psychology, corporate psychology and many more.

What We Offer

We deliver a unique online experience to make sure you achieve academic qualification and gain industry responsive skills. You can study at your convenience and according to your pace. Industry leaders and experts from across the world design the course curriculum to help students develop competence and achieve excellence. Degree, diploma and certificate programs offered at Elbert Field provide students with a unique opportunity to succeed in their respective fields.

Majors Available

  • General psychology

  • Organizational psychology

  • Educational psychology

  • Counseling psychology

  • Clinical psychology

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