Career Management

Career management and development is at the heart of everything we offer in career services for our students. Whether you are a freshmen or returning student, our career management services will help you unleash your true potential and discover an array of opportunities ahead. We believe in practical implication of student involvement in key decisions regarding our University. The University makes sure that our career management services are designed to foster and develop all important interpersonal skills that are required by the employers in today’s competitive job market.

Elbert Field University encourages students to achieve personal and career success by igniting empowerment through guidance, support, resources and life-long connections. Underpinning all the career development services, our purpose is not just to help students find a job but a meaningful, rewarding and challenging career.We believe in long-term relationship that last a lifetime. Our students and alumni are always part of our community. You success is our success, once you become part of Elbert Field, you will sense the feel of accomplishment yourself.


Academic support

Each year we welcome thousands of students to study with us and experience online learning. We are committed to provide you the best academic experience and career support services to help you unleash your true potential.


Personalized support

We understand that you demand personalized support and guidance for your career success. We have invested in a dedicated career support team who have the ability to escort you to new heights. At Elbert Field University, you always have someone to turn to.


“Here they make it very comfortable
to fit in with the online learning
and ensure get ready for
career success.”

Student Ambassador

At Elbert Field University, we focus on creating a community of brilliant experts, learners and scholars from diverse field of study, having an international perspective over the challenges that can be faced by graduates when entering the competitive job market.

We encourage students to consult with our counselors and develop a career profile that showcases their potential. Master a new skill, take up a new challenge and experience diversity – never again are you likely to have such freedom to learn while exploring your interests side-by-side. And remember, its never too early to start.


Help & Advice

Students can get help and advice from our career counselors 24/7. We are here to help you.


Skills Development

At our University, you not only learn from courses and books, but our counselors help you develop most in-demand skills.



Interact and communicate with leading professionals from the industy. We provide you ways to get in touch with them.