Credit Transfer

For Elbert Field University, YOU come first and YOUR academic success is important for us. Our admissions department evaluates your academic credentials to ensure you reduce program completion time and save your tuition fee for the previously completed academic courses. We facilitate you in every best possible way to successfully transfer you earned credits from an accredited university.

Elbert Field University generally offers credit transfer to students if they meet the following conditions:

  • It is completed at an accredited and recognized institution

  • It is substantially similar to courses offered at Elbert Field

  • It is completed with a grade C- or better

Benefits of Earning Credits

  • Save thousands of dollars on tuition fee

  • Help you graduate faster

  • Allows you to avoid taking the actual course

  • Allows you to free up your schedule for other commitments

Types of Transferable Credits Accepted by the University


Academic Credit

You can apply college credits toward degree programs, saving you both time and money, through our financial aid options.


Work Experience

Leverage the work experience you have by submitting documents or professional portfolio.


Life Experience

Demonstrate knowledge you've gained from your personal experiences and how it directly applies to your learning.


  • 92%

    experienced a sense of personal accomplishment upon
    completion of their degree.

  • 88%

    earn a higher degree based on their work or life experience

  • 97%

    got a better job after earning a higher degree from a top